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Where can I buy the game?

From us (visa and some debit, powered by Gumroad)
FireFlower Games (credit, some debit & paypal).
IndieCity (paypal).

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes. Subscribe here. You will only get major news. (eg. game releases etc)

Will the game be translated?

No sorry.

I'm having trouble playing. It's too hard!

There are lots of tips and tricks on the forums. There are also tips on the IGN wiki.

I have feedback and suggestions.

We'd love to hear them. Please add your comments to the forum. We don't have time to reply to everyone but we read everything.

I'm experiencing bugs.

Please report it on the forum or contact us via email so we can try and fix it.

Will there be a mac version?

Yes! It's out now. You can buy it from here.

I pre-ordered the game but I own a mac not a pc!

Email us and we'll send you a free copy of the mac version (pre-order customers only).

What are the recommended specs?

Seduce Me should run on even low end or old PCs, but please check the specs on the forum for more details.